Wednesday, July 18, 2007

it is my Queen's birthday today!

This is the 5th year since we knew each other, and you have changed much! Of course, you are so much nicer and prettier now. Best friends always!

Went to Cafe Galilee with Choongming yesterday, and found out that i have a new special ability! He wanted to feed me with a slice of toasted bread topped with cheese, and when i bite the bread, i bit and broke the plastic fork that was holding it! haha. I was thinking: "eh, how come this bread so crunchy one ah."

That was so embarrassing and stupid. Choongming laughed his head off and i told him that if he bullies me in the future, im gonna bite him with my STRONG teeth. heh.

One of the questions in today's lesson was that:
If there are 5 people, but the lifeboat can only contain 4 people and you must give up one person, who would you choose?
1) Priest
2) 8 year old orphan
3) Your wife/husband
4) Your mother
5) Yourself

The priest might not be an old one. He might be young and can heal injuries. The 8 year old orphan might become the next great scientist or he could also become a criminal because he has no parents to guide him. Your wife/husband could either be someone who saved your life before by donating one of her/his kidneys to you, or might be a bastard who is cheating on you.

Who would you kick off the lifeboat?

Actually, i dont know either. Of course i wouldnt kick off myself. I love life and i want to continue living okay. Haha. And of course i wouldn't kick off my mum! There's something in this world called "filial piety".

Speaking of her, i saw mum that day while i was going home, and guess what was her first sentence to me?

"You growing fatter and fatter liao leh. Going to bounce back to last time already. Who ask you eat so much."

Aaaaaahhh. It was so difficult for me to lose 5kg, I dont want to add it back!

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