Saturday, July 21, 2007

i was at a coffeeshop near my house this morning, when i saw a boy trying to hit his mum. I dont know the reasons, because i only started to look at the commotion after the boy started shouting loudly at his mum.

The boy is probably around Primary3, judging from his looks. His expression on his face while he looked at his mother was very agitated, full of hatred, and really scary. It wasn't those kind of faces you would see on a child. The mum tried to calm the boy down first by "sayang-ing" his face, but the boy's expression didn't change. He proceed to scold several things to his mum, but i couldn't hear/understand properly. The mum didn't raise her voice though. There was a crowd forming around them already. Then suddenly, the boy started trying to hit his mum. His mum defended herself and tried to dodge his blows.

At this time, his older brother who was on the same table but didn't sputter any word all through, finally opened his mouth and shouted to his violent brother: "oie di !!". It's actually a remark, scolding the brother for trying to hit mum.

The mum took off her slippers, and slapped the boy's legs with them. The boy retaliate by trying to hit his mum. The boy was very violent, and really wanted to hit his mum like he hated her to the core.

The mum soon couldn't control her own kid, and another stranger nearby grabbed the son away from his mum, and scolded the boy. Everyone was looking already. Stall tenders, customers, passerbys, me and my mum.

The mum grabbed his two sons and began leaving the coffeeshop quickly. I guess she might have felt embarrassed.

I didn't take any photos of them because i was too busy kaypoh-ing. heh. I told mum that i think the boy might have the tendency to impulsive violence, or maybe his father is also someone with violence, thus he was influenced.

Mum thinks that the child should go for counselling. Because if he grew up into an adult and is still violent, it would be difficult for his mum to dodge his blows already.

In the past, Mum would usually jokingly say: "if i had known you would become so disrespectful, last time when you baby i should have strangled you to death. haha."

However, this time mum said something different. She said that: "if strangle them, need to go jail. Not worth it. Walk with them next to the road/drain, then "accidently" push them in. Then when police ask, say they accidently fall." (OF COURSE SHE IS JOKING LAH. )

LOL!! I laughed so much when she said that. Well, my mum isn't that cruel. If not now im inside the drain instead of sitting here infront of the computer already. hehe.

While i was going home, i saw the mother and the two kids again. The mum and the boy was quarreling, while his brother opened up an umbrella and shield his mum from the rain.

Luckily, at least one of her sons is filial.

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