Monday, July 9, 2007

I had actually wanted to make and submit a new skin into, but i got home quite late today.... and that means i'll submit it another day. haha.

I almost died from freezing in school today. It was super warm in the morning, so i grabbed mini pants from my wardrobe. I immediately regretted wearing it after 5 minutes inside school. My school is always cold, because there's aircon EVERYWHERE. Yes, everywhere. In the toilets, along those wide corridors, up the escalator and down, foodcourt, and classrooms. Even inside the lift, there's a big wind blowing from all 4 sides. i tried standing right at the middle so that i'll get least wind blowing at my face. Today was extra cold though. I think by the end of my 3 years in that school, i'll be a polar bear who had undergone training to survive cold climate.

Well, Weiwei saved my life by lending me his jacket! Haha. It was too big for me to wear though. I just used it to cover my cold parts. Cosy Cosy.

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im going to sell off afew items from my wardrobe. If you are interested, email me at and i will send you a zip folder containing all the photos, so that you can choose. Prices negotiatable. First come first serve basis.

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