Monday, October 8, 2012


And so, yep, I'm currently dating someone. This entry was written a few times over the past few months.

(Us at Mu Parlour) 

I did not want to mention it here earlier because I wanted to be really sure before I make it official. Over time, my family and most of my closer friends have met him and so far so good I guess.

Shall post some of our previous photos in this blog entry. Not a lot, as we haven't been taking photos all the time. Most of the time is he take photos for me! Heh.

My family calls him "Song Mian Bao".... Lol because last time he kept buying bread back for my family as supper. The name stuck till now even though he has already moved on from bread to other food. Haha.

(Us at Marmalade Pantry)

I first got to know him during a group photo shoot. It was quite a coincidence since he does not shoot often and I have not done photo shoots for a long time.

My first impression of him was the back of his head. Hahaha. I got into the backseat of his car without catching any glimpse of how he looked like. Throughout the ride I was chatting away with his friend who was in the front passenger seat.

During the shoot, he gave me the impression that he was a very 'calm and cool' person with high expectations. (But now I know he is far from calm and cool. He is just slow and bad at multitasking. When he is doing something, he has to be entirely focused on it. Lol. Gosh, I hope he doesn't read this.)

Halfway into the shoot we all started to become more relax and we had loads of laughter throughout. After he sent me home, I think we ended up messaging nonsense to each other that night and then every single day after.

And so, he started going after me. What actually moved me was the sincerity I felt from him. It was not some crazy-in-love teen romance, but it felt nice to be doted on, to be taken care of, especially after my previous relationship where I was struggling to keep things going.

When he knew I like hello kitties, he drew them (although not very nice) and sent me photos of his drawings. When I was sick, he drew a kitty nurse. I randomly asked him to draw a kitty with a plate of chicken walking to the oven and he drew it. Haha.

I was worried about some stuffs and he made several trips late at 2AM just to help me check on it. I needed to look for some newspaper articles and he travelled from library to library to find it for me.

He surprised me below my home to drive me to work, topped with a sandwich he made himself. The other time, he checked recipes and had his first attempt at making Eggs Benedict for me. I was impressed because sandwich surprises are one thing - it's so easy. But Eggs Benedict? It seems quite complicated!

I love how he would get irritated but never raises his voice or hang up the phone even when I am being annoying. I love how we sometimes get upset with each other but never ever got into full blown anger before, mostly because I think he has awesome tolerance and patience for me. He complains that I talk a lot of rubbish though. Tsk!

I like that he would reach out his hands to hold mine in the car. I like it when he massages my neck and tries to massage my head when I am feeling stressed. I haven't told him that when he massages my head it's more painful than my headache. :X

(Us after brunch at Epicurious)

One thing which I'm still trying to get used to, is that he's kinda a bit too 'adult'. As he is a few years older than me, it seemed like we grew up differently and thus we have different values towards certain things. For example, character-wise: he is the planner, meticulous, serious and practical, while I'm more laid back, impulsive and idealistic. Mum says that way we can complement each other. (Come to think about it, although my previous statement sounds like he is the more careful one, but I feel that he is actually very adventurous leh. Like, I feel that he loves trying different and out-of-the-world stuff while I prefer to stick to what is safe and familiar. Like, when choosing flavors, I prefer the conventional "ham and cheese" while he always choose the ones like "pineapple and raisins topped with marshmallow and mint jelly". Not exactly like that but something along that line -_-")

When we are together he is mostly quiet, listening to me being talkative and jumpy. Sometimes I think he can't stand me. Haha. Yet when I don't speak much he would ask me if it's because I'm tired. Hah, does that mean he actually do like my talking?? Lol. But nowadays I think he talks a lot more already, maybe kena influenced by me!

He prefers calm, peaceful places while I'm very much the city girl. Luckily for both of us, we are always keen to explore new stuff so we do have some common interests. He is encouraging and supportive on the plans I have in life and gives me a lot of freedom to make my own choices so I think that's good. One thing though, his favorite hobby is diving, which I cannot participate and share the experience together with him. Excuse me, I cannot even swim!

(Us at Science Centre)

My previous relationship was full of dreamy passion, so at first this felt too calm to be love. However, I've since learnt to be contented with simplicity. It is not always a bad thing. I like that I had someone to depend on. I've been standing strong too much on my own, it's always good to have a pillar of support. I like that when I'm lost, just a text to him and he'd call me immediately and guide me with Google on his hands. He seldom does big romantic stuff, but plenty of little sweet things that he does unknowingly gave me a warm blessed feeling in my heart.

(Us at Ardents)

I am going to blog about the birthday celebration soon. I think it is by far one of the sweetest thing he has done for me. :)

Of course, like all relationships, it's not without issues. I hope it is kept to a minimum though!

We passed the half year mark last month... Time flies, doesn't it?

(Us at Festival Village)


  1. Both of you look great together! ;) Been your silent reader for a while now haha feeling happy for you!

    ♡ Jaslin from

  2. Soo sweet!! grats Esther :) I don't comment really, but this I had to say!! =)

  3. God bless the two of you to stay sweet and loving always! :)

  4. Aw congrats! : D I'm really happy for you! Make sure he treats you like a princess, ok? You deserve nothing less! ^__^)/ <3

    1. Thanks for your kind words! :) Yes I hope he will always treat me well :D

  5. Congrats! And God Bless U2~ :)

    LoVe, VV~

  6. I feel really happy for you!! May your relationship last long :-)

  7. I think he's quite a good catch eh! Hope you 2 last long!

  8. Congratulation!! <3 I'm so happy for you guys ^^. Hope this will last.

  9. Hi Esther, I've been friends with you on Facebook since 2009 and I think you've become more and more beautiful over the years :) Your new boyfriend seems wonderful and I wish you both all the best! Hollie

  10. Omg you both have been together for half a year! That's fast!真羡慕你 ! :) stay happy and blessed! :)

  11. Looking like a sweet couple! All the best Esther! Last long~~ =)

  12. Hi Esther! I am happy for you :) I have been reading your blog for a few years now and I will continue to read it for as long as you keep blogging!! Hahaha! God bless :)

  13. silent reader for years but im glad you that you found someone that could listen and stand-by you.. You 2 looks good! Hope you 2 last long~~ (^0^)

  14. Congratulations!!!
    I actually read your blog very so often for the past years, it popped my eye when I read you have a new bf!
    He seems like a veryyy sweet guy who is very very hard to find these days... and you two look very cute together!
    Glad you are happy (:

  15. omg so so so happy for you!!!