Wednesday, October 3, 2012

30 Days Of Giveaway!!!!

October is a very special month.
Because.... it's my birthday month! Hahaha. But this year, it will be double special!

Because Jipaban is having 30 days of giveaway throughout the month of October, from 1st to 30th!!!! *GASP* It means 30X chance! Even if you fare lousy in lucky draws all your life, you might win it this time because there are so many chances!!!

Let me first show you all the list of items to be given away. There's something for everyone! Apparels for both male and female, accessories and shoes, games and books. There are even random things like the yellow solar powered sun jar!

And winning is so easy! Just need to send an email with your desired item???! It can't get any simpler!!

Hmm, let me tell you what I would like!
Pretty DIY deco set, floral summer dress, Heels are a definite (I have it in green - see the photo below!), Book storage box, Necklace, and $50 Jipaban voucher to buy whatever I want that is not in the list~!

My outfit in the photo below are from! The dress, the top, the file, the heels. I previously wore the dress (here) and this time I topped it with the crop top that I wore (here).

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