Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy 21st Randy

Attended Randy's 21st birthday party at Marina Bay Sands last month. The suite was very nicely decorated, my photos do no justice!

Photo with Isaac and the birthday boy. There were balloons everywhere. I wanted balloons on my ceiling for my 21st birthday party last year too but I was too cheapo to buy helium balloons so I ended up having them on the floor. Totally different "feel" lor!

I do not know a lot of people there but Jayne and Huixian was around!

Both Randy and Benjamin were so busy running about that day!

A photo of me and the birthday boy ^_^

Cake cutting time~~ Everyone wowed at his cake when it was brought out. So unique and special!

Three little girls can't wait to pounce on the cake. Hahaha.

Group photo time! We are all looking up at another camera. Except Jayne. Thanks ah, for supporting my camera. Haha.

Seriously, I look at my photos quality I very sian to blog already. Check out his blog for nicer pics!

Picture taken from his blog hehe.

Photo of the tasteless quiche I had with Isaac before heading to the party.

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