Monday, October 15, 2012

Jade at Fullerton Hotel

The next day after my birthday, was Sunday. So, it means Birthday Celebration Part 2 with bf! He brought me to Fullerton Hotel to have dim sum lunch at Jade.

It's such a pretty place! We had a nice side table to ourselves, a great conversation and good food. Our orders kept getting mixed up though.

This one below was a wrong order sent to our table. But we decided to accept it since it looked so nice! It's actually Guo Tie with crisp attached to it. The crisp is quite yums but the Guo Tie was only alright.

Okay, let me say first. This post is going to be all food... So continue reading only if you aren't hungry haha.

First up, my hot and sour seafood soup. It had some beancurd thingy at the top of the soup. Interesting...

The boyfriend had bird nest soup.

I totally love the roasted pork belly, we had 2-3 rounds of it!

Custard bun... not the best I have eaten, but still quite okay!

Abalone siew mai.

We were taking our own sweet time slowly savoring the food thinking we had all the time in the world but actually we don't. Haha. Last order came and we quickly ordered plenty. So sad that most of the items I only managed to get one serving, because some are really nice! I liked the prawns with celery but because it came after last order, I couldn't get one more of that :(

I liked the last chicken dish and the mango sago dessert was refreshing!

Walked around after lunch and had a nice scenery view of the river. Wish I had all the time in the world to have such afternoons and go strolling like this more often.

He then brought me to for a "shopping spree" at Bugis and was so patient throughout even though I was quite indecisive hehehe. Managed to get a pair of wedges, sandals, tribal knitted short, floral short, necklace and bangles, eyelash glue, a bag and a handphone charger! Thanks bf! ^_^

Before leaving we bought crepes from Ned's and it was good!

My red dress is from

I really had a great two days of birthday celebration this year... ^_^

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