Friday, October 5, 2012

Tai Thai

Went to Tai Thai for dinner one day. Heard that they sell both Taiwanese and Thai cuisine, thus the name. Why not Thai Wan?? Hehe.

Outfit of the day: Tic-Tac-Toe top from, paired with studded denims and an old pair of wedges. The wedges actually had a bow on top but it fell off last year.

We ordered tom yum soup, belachan fried rice, san bei chicken, pig intestine, salted chicken and mango sticky rice! It ended up being very filling.

I have no comments for the pig intestine because I didn't eat it. But I remember it was quite expensive. Like $4+ for those few pieces!

The san bei chicken, I forgot if it was good or so-so. But I remember the belachan fried rice! It was nothing like fried rice. More like spicy soggy rice. BUT it was oh-so-yummy. I don't think I can find anywhere else that have fried rice tasting like that.

The rest was not bad. I like that the mango sticky rice came hot! I've been disappointed by too many Thai restaurants serving cold and hard sticky rice, so any restaurant that serves it hot makes me happy!

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