Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy 22nd Birthday Celebration

This is going to be such a long entry.

So anyway, let me start with a reply to all the well wishes from readers upon reading my entry earlier this week regarding my boyfriend. I've been receiving emails, comments on this blog and comments on NuffnangX (Download the app and follow me! Search for Estherxie). Thanks for all the nice, lovely comments! You all have not been commenting for so long that sometimes I feel that I am blogging to no one. I used to have a lot more readers but honestly, the viewership has dropped... ALOT. So, I'm very thankful for every single one of you who are still here :) My blog is my life, because it was a major factor that influenced my developments and experiences for the past 6 years. From when I was 16 to 22 - and it's a very significant time of a person's life. I grew up from a teenager to a young adult along with my blog. For someone who used to be the unpopular teenager always the one behind other popular girls, for once I experienced the spotlight being on me. Most of the people in my life, I know them someway or another because of my blog. I have pretty hair and nails and clothes because of my blog. My blog is my longest relationship, which is also indirectly a relationship with you all. I'm really happy that most of you are happy for all the little steps in my life. Thank you!

I'm going to blog about my birthday celebration this year. I'm going to write down all my feelings at each moment and try to be as detailed as possible.

So, the boyfriend made plans a few months ahead and already asked me what present I want and what I want to do on my birthday. He even suggested to ask some of my friends along to celebrate together but I'm like, "No! You have to celebrate with me alone!" His plan to relieve himself of the huge responsibility - Failed. Not so easy my dear. Haha!

He told me to go research on cameras and let him know if any caught my eye. He wanted to buy a new camera for me as birthday present as I have been complaining about the graininess of my current camera but we went to the IT show last month and nothing was significantly better than what I am having now. I did not want to lug a heavy DSLR everywhere, so I was looking at prosumer type, similar to what I'm using. In the end we did not buy any camera and I told him not to anyhow spend on another present just because it's my birthday.

Nearer to the date, Isaac told me his 21st birthday party was on 6th October and I told him, "That's my actual birthday!!!!" Of course, because I love him dearly as a friend and he had been so supportive during my down times over the past few years of our friendship, I had to attend his 21st. And so I told bf that he only have to make plans for the afternoon because I'd be heading to the party in the evening. Bf then told me that he actually already made dinner reservations at Todai. I told him to change to lunch slot lor, cheaper for him also!

My mum sounded quite sad that I did not slot any time for family celebration so I was quite guilty about it and wanted to change my date with bf to the next day instead. In the end we settled on me to be home by 11pm on my birthday so that I still have that 1 hour celebration with my family.

The night before my birthday, I was feeling upset because at 11pm he told me he feeling very sleepy, somehow like telling me he's going to sleep already.

Let me explain. When we just got to know each other, he slept very early all the time and I felt that it was so weird cos I don't know of anyone else who is young and sleep so early. But during the early stages of our relationship, he would wait till past midnight, which is my bedtime and talk to me on the phone till I feel sleepy. After some time he explained that this routine was tiring for him and after I find out that he wakes up early every morning before 6am to prepare for work, I decided that fine, he can go sleep early. He still calls me to chat with me for a little while before he sleeps, but I didn't really like this arrangement because from evening till midnight, I am always working on my blog stuff and I don't like being disturbed. And because I am unable to multitask, chatting with him on the phone before midnight is like wasting my blogging time. But okay lah, better than him not calling at all right? Haha.

So, back to the topic. I mean, I know his usual bedtime is always like 10plus but it's my birthday the next day and he doesn't have work! Why doesn't he bother to make an exception for this special day? Oh well, I don't know why my mindset is like that but my birthday is very important to me and I wanted to feel special on this day too. So, I was kinda disappointed. Then, the clock struck 12am and messages from friends flooded in wishing me Happy Birthday. He called me at around 12.20am in that stupid sleepy voice and chatted with me and checked with me the time to meet the next day and all that but no "happy birthday" at all. I was annoyed that he wasn't sweet at all and even on my birthday he still care more about these logistic details instead of wishing me happy birthday. I was so upset that I became very unreasonable and actually threw a tantrum. Turns out he doesn't see the point of wishing me "happy birthday" over the phone as he prefers to do it face to face.... Sigh... see what I mean when I say we have like totally different mindset? Maybe I'm still very immature and all these stuff seems very trivial but at that point in time I was really quite sad.

On my birthday morning itself, he called to wake me up in a caring, nice voice. Hehehe. But I went back to sleep after putting down the phone because I was so tired. Then suddenly, the door bell rang. I saw through the peephole that he was there so I quickly ran to the bathroom and wash my face and brush my teeth before opening the door. He came with a surprise Mcdonalds breakfast for me! ^_^

He then waited at downstairs for me to get ready.

I switched on my computer to finish up some work first and suddenly I was again feeling quite emo that morning due to some other stuff but luckily he stayed calm and still talk to me nicely on the phone. After feeling better I went to bathe and prepare and I was 1 hour late. Oops.

We headed to Marina Bay Sands for lunch at Todai. The food was not bad! The prawns were fresh and plump and we waited right in front of the chilli crab station to wait for the chef to top up the platter. Haha.

Did you notice the crabs formed a heart? Haha when I was about to start on my crab, he immediately said "I go take food." Hahahaha he scared kena splashed by the sauce because the crab kept slipping out of my hands!

They played Kpop songs throughout and whenever I hear a song I like, I tell bf, "I like this song!"... I think I said that phrase for more than 10 songs that day. Haha. I asked him if I was the only crazy one who kept telling him the songs I like. Hahaha. But I don't think he remembered any of the songs I mentioned at all. *hmmph*

(Blouse from MissQueenie! I like it a lot! It's very easy to match and I think I look good in white. )

He was very sweet to me the entire afternoon. We walked around Marina Bay Sands to find something for Isaac's birthday. We didn't manage to buy anything, so we went to Somerset for our next plan - full body massage!! ^_^ He made reservations at Lifespa and it was so in time after a long month of stress at work. It was supposed to be relaxing but end up quite pain. Not sure if I felt relaxed after. Haha.

Time moved very fast that day! After the massage it was very late in the afternoon already and I panicked because I have not settled Isaac's present. We headed over to Cineleisure and I combed the entire shopping mall. I have never ever shopped with so much detail at Cineleisure before. Isaac's party was supposedly starting at 7pm but it was already 6plus then. He started becoming less sweet around that time as it was getting late. Like very kan chiong to faster bring me to Isaac's party and go home! Then we went H&M and he was on the phone some meters away and texting. I didn't really took much notice and carried on shopping! Throughout I was complaining about how he was so sweet earlier but start to become impatient and not sweet already.

I ended up at Swissotel The Stamford (Isaac's party venue) at only 8 plus. Since it was so close to the time I had to leave, I was thinking... "MAYBE he will wait at the lobby and surprise me to bring me home after I leave Isaac's birthday?" Haha, I just remembered some time before that day he did asked me randomly what time I was going to leave the party.

I changed into another outfit for Isaac's birthday and we sat at the hotel lobby first as I was reluctant to end our date. He was texting away. I randomly wanted to take his phone but he refused to give it to me. He has never done that before. I don't have the habit of checking his phone but previously there were a few times I took his phone when I was bored but he has never snatched it back. I was very upset at that because if he had nothing to hide, why would he not let me have the phone? I was quite sure he is not cheating on me but I also had no answer to why he suddenly became like that. I went up to Isaac's birthday room and left him unhappily.

I will blog about Isaac's birthday party another day. So I left the party awhile later at around 10 plus and saw that he did not message me at all since he left. I messaged him to ask what he doing and why he never message me. He told me he just reached home or something I couldn't remember. While walking out of the lobby I still went to look around to see if he was there to surprise me HAHAHA this is so embarrassing. Of course, he was not there so I took a cab back thinking what a sad birthday it was, but feeling comforted that I had my family celebrating it with me when I get back home.

Then I reached home and after I got in and about to lock the door, I noticed the living room television switched on. Usually they would be using the computers in another room when I come home late. Thought it was weird but did not think much about it. Then while locking the door I saw my boyfriend's shoe outside the door!!!!! I remember because I so happened to look at his shoe that afternoon!! I asked my mum and she gave me some lame excuse that those shoes belonged to my Dad and even tried to tell my Dad, "Eh, you forgot to bring your shoe in" or something like that. Hahahaha. But of course my mum is a lousy liar and I knew my boyfriend was in the house!!!!

He came out of the kitchen and I was so happy to see him. He planned a surprise with my family!!! I had never expected he would do that because he doesn't seem like such a person!!

Then, my mum showed me the cake.... I was SO HAPPY about the cake. Let me tell you why.

My boyfriend told me he was impatient during the evening because the cake shop closes at 8pm and the earlier plan was that he was going to head down right after I go to Isaac's party at 7pm to collect the cake but at 7plus I was still walking around with him!! He called the shop to extend the hours to 8.30pm but at 8pm he was still stuck with me hahahahaha. Ended up he texted his friend to help him to pick up the cake and he paid for his friend's cab fare to and fro. Lol. He should have just taken the delivery option in the first place! So I was very happy because that explains why he didn't let me see his phone and why he was so distracted during late afternoon. So he wasn't kanchiong to go home but more of because he worried about the cake collection!!

The cake was customized. He told me he asked for a shoe box cake because I love shoes. I'm so touched that he knows I love shoes alot. Then, he asked for a figurine (he showed the cake shop owner my photo) and asked for the figurine to be taking photos of herself lol. So funny, it's SO ME. The cake costed a bomb and I am very happy he chose to get this for me even though it would be SO MUCH SO MUCH cheaper to just get a normal cake for this surprise.

And it's pink. And the figurine is so cute!!! I was wearing a blue dress and blue bow headband and brown belt and had brown hair with short fringe in the photo he showed the cake shop. It was a photo from one of our first few dates.

Then my Dad gave me my birthday present from the family. I already knew it was going to be an external hard disk as I had requested for it but instead of 750GB as originally planned, Dad went to buy the 1TB one for me. So happy that they all wanted the best for me T_T

Then, my mum pointed to a brand new oven at the corner of the living room and told me she bought it for me. I was so overwhelmed with emotions at that point in time. I have always wanted an oven because we only have a grill oven at home and I can't bake things with it. My parents have always rejected my request for an oven as they think it's unnecessary. Even when I said I wanted an oven over the external hard disk for birthday present, they said no. BUT I TOTALLY DID NOT EXPECT THAT THEY WOULD GO AHEAD TO BUY IT FOR ME, knowing how much I wanted one, and surprise me. I know they still think it's unnecessary, but I think they wanted to make me happy. So touched!!!

Mum fried chicken wings for my supper. All my favorite stuff ^_^

We had a happy conversation over supper with my boyfriend and I felt very happy and loved that night. They told me that my boyfriend contacted them beforehand to plan this surprise for me...

Oh ya, he forgot to tell the cake shop my age. Luckily his friend remembered my age!

It was one of my best ever birthday... :)


  1. what a sweet bf! must treasure him! :) blessed belated birthday!

  2. Wow, the cake is so cute! What a creative idea.

  3. Yr bf is so sweet!!!! happy birthday!!!!

  4. Happy birthday Esther!! I wish you all the best in you life, and may all your dreams come true! I love reading your blog but I'm not used to commenting haha... The cake looks amazing, I hope it tasted great too! I wish the best for your bf & family too~

  5. yes your bf is very very sweet! do cherish him and think of the sweet things he has done for you. this way u'll not be unhappy so often :) just like how u hate it when u r disturbed from your blogging, i'm sure he feels very tired if he has to stay up so late. all the best to the both of u!

  6. the cake is really cute hehe! do you mind sharing the name of the cake shop?

  7. your hair is super duper long and you look super pretty!! ^_~