Monday, October 24, 2011

The View From Up Here

It's our last day in Genting! :(

We went to MarryBrown again to have their nasi lemak breakfast with fried chicken. Kinda disappointing because they gave us breastmeat although we said we wanted thigh. And it's spicy, so it's a different recipe which is far from the yumminess of the original. But, the rice was good!

Look at my bunny cardigan from! Cute? haha.

Grandparents and mum went for casino again so me, my sis and dad went to the garden!! We always go there in previous trips~

The garden~~

It used to have a pebble path for us to walk barefooted. Now no more! I still have old videos of us acting like we are running on those painful pebbles but actually we were wearing shoes haha.

Besides that, most of the garden hadn't change.

The view from the garden.

My sis and me with the fountain!

I'm standing inside a bush maze.

Running in the maze? lol.

It was really windy up there!

Me with the view.

Final lunch at HouMei again before we head back to Singapore :(:(:(
The rest had soupy wanton noodles...

But I insisted on dry wanton noodles. I'm glad I did, it's so yummy~ Their wanton are so huge. In Singapore it is usually just a pinch of meat!

On the bus way home. We got upgraded to a better bus, but still not as good as the coaches we usually take...

Stopped midroute to buy souvenirs home! Lots of snacks made in Malaysia.

Peanuts to munch on in the bus.

Dinner was at Yong Peng again. Ate mee soto this time round and it was so much nicer than the fishball noodles we had on Day1.

Back to Singapore and to our beloved bed and soft toys ^_^

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