Sunday, October 23, 2011

Flag Top

I clicked on MAMATIAM, one of my apparel sponsor which is also an online wholesale store selling clothes at super good pricings, and saw that recently they have been uploading alternative pictures beside those professionally taken by Taiwanese models before import! I think that it is very good because many people have feedback to me over the past few years that they prefer Singapore blogshops over those from Taiwan/Hongkong because the pictures are too good and usually distorts quality and cutting.

I used to think that way too. A few years ago when I took part in sprees for clothes from other sites, the clothes always turn out different. But recently it has improved by heaps! Most of the clothes I order from such sites turn out exactly like what they were in the pictures. Am very pleased! If you are worried, you should totally head to Mamatiam, where there are also normal pictures taken for you to gauge.

I got this oversized flag top from Mamatiam. If you like it, the direct link is HERE.

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