Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Candy Sushi

Have you ever ate Candy Sushi?

I made some myself at home, using this simple kit! ^_^ It's called PopinCookin~

It's just simply adding sachets of powder, add water, and mix!

Look at my 'rice'! Damn look like right??! Haha so fun.

Yay two sushi done. Look like anot? Haha cute!

Then comes the most fun part!!! Making 'fish roe'!

My seaweed abit fail but look at the fish roe toppings!! Look very real right?

And they are candies!! It's sweet and grape flavored.

Interested? You can get these DIY kits at http://lovemelancholy.livejournal.com! They also have other styles such as Bento, Ramen & Gyoza, Crepes, etc etc!

Promotion: Free normal postage for 2 or more sets.

Dress sponsored by ClubCouture.


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