Sunday, October 2, 2011

I've been away

Hey everyone, I've been terribly busy lately!

Last week, I took one week off from work. So from last Saturday onwards, I was already in holiday mood (in fact, late Friday I was already happily looking forward to a week of no work and just all fun). I relaxed at home and tried to finish up all the backlog blog entries, advertisements and assignments, which I couldn't complete in the end. Woke up at 4AM on Monday morning to head for Genting. I had earlier insisted on no-genting for our holiday trip because we've already been there so many times and tried to stretch our budget for Hong Kong. However, we failed because we were over our initial budget for my bday party and so, this year we would have to make do with Genting. It was fun nevertheless... slightly different from the past few years so not too bad. A great break from work and life in Singapore too. Things had been going abit crazy and it was good to leave the country for a while, even though it's just 4 days.

Came back to Singapore close to midnight on Thursday. Woke up on Friday and got ready to check in my birthday venue as we would be sleeping there for the night. On Saturday was my birthday party and we went busy with the decorations in the afternoon. Just after the finishing touches, the first few guests arrived and I was busy throughout. A kind friend helped me take photos, so I shall wait for him to pass me the pictures before I blog.

Seriously, it has been such a hectic week that I really need another week of leave to recover. But cannot la, I've been away from work for so long, I have to head back to work tomorrow :( So gonna have a hard time pulling myself away from bed to go work.

So anyway, I wrote all those gibberish stuff on top because I wanted to post this picture below but I didn't want to look like I'm anyhow-updating. Hahaha.

Top and shorts from TheBlogShop.

Hope next year I can afford to go on more holidays!

Have been updating short entries recently. Will update some long ones soon!

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