Saturday, October 22, 2011

I won 1000!!

3rd day at Genting, and because we decided not to go to the Outdoor Theme Park this year, we had lots of time to do many other stuffs!

Woke up for breakfast at Hainan kitchen. 5 minutes after looking at the breakfast menu, the service staff came to change our menu to the lunch menu because breakfast time has just ended -.- Why didn't they just give us the lunch menu in the first place...

It wasn't so misty anymore so we walked outside. Go to Genting is to enjoy the cool air outside!!!!

Asked daddy to pose there for me to take picture not because I wanted a picture of him, but more of because I like the castle behind :D

Mum was tempted to try out this soup place, and since they had set lunch (rice & soup) sold at RM8.50, we decided to try out!

Bad choice! One small piece of meat per bowl lor. Not full at allllllll.

Grandparents headed off to the casino and we headed off to sing karaoke! Prices start from RM60 with 2 free bottles of water for 2 hours, maximum 8 pax. That's very cheap!

After waffles, we played Archery!

My arms had muscle cramps for the whole next day -_-

I'm glad I didn't live in the olden times. My archery skills FAIL!

Arcade!!!!! We tried the "carnival" games first. It's so difficult to win and each try is RM4.

Played the electronic games and I hit JACKPOT for this game out of luck! I was supposed to guess "Heads or Tails" and I got it correct 7 or 8 times and won 1000 tickets!!!! I guessed "tail" all the way because it kept appearing "tail" first few times and thought that the machine something wrong. When I won the game, we all looked at the machine in shock and could not believe it at all. Yoohoo! We tested the machine again 2 more times just to see if I had won by pure luck or if the machine is really spoilt. Lol. It was truly luck.

Exchanged it for these two cuties~!

Dinner time was at this buffet place. It's a MUST-EAT at Genting.

They have many different types of cuisine, and some they cook it for you on the spot.

My freshly cooked dowmiao with fish, sotong and prawns! I took many many many prawns :p

This was Dad's. He decorated every single one of his dish nicely lol. I thought buffets were supposed to be messy?

Dimsum and satays~!

Dessert choices: cakes, pastries, ice cream, fondue, fruits.

World clocks!

Dad couldn't get Wifi from Mcdonalds that night, so we all stood outside Starbucks to leech their free wifi hahaha.

Oops~ Dad's face is half unshot haha.

So many pictures for this entry but I didn't have much to say. Guess I should blog right after the trip in the future!

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