Saturday, October 29, 2011

My 21st Birthday Party ^_^


Thanks to everyone who attended... especially those who came from the other end of the island! Many friends couldn't make it and plenty had last minute crop ups :( Nevertheless, I was really happy and I appreciate those who made the effort. Love you all!

Special thanks to my sis who helped me with cutting the decorations (while grumbling). I left all the tedious procedures to her hahaha.

And to her boyfriend who came early to pump balloons for the whole afternoon. (These balloons ended up being burst by the kids at the end of the night. Every single one of the balloons that he painstakingly pumped lol)

My dad helped me to cut out glittery foam for my name and BF pasted those balloons haha.

My color and size distribution of the lollipops fail. Haha.

Luckily Chris offered to take some pictures for me. The suite had really low lighting, it was difficult to capture good photos using my own camera. Most of the pictures below belonged to him. The bright ones credit him. The yellowish and grainy ones are mine haha.

Took photo of our decorations before the guests come!

Outside area for the buffet. Food thankfully sponsored by mum and dad! The room itself already cost me a bomb because minimum 2 nights stay required plus both nights we stayed is peak rates :( Way over my initial budget!

First guest to arrive, Ruoxuan! I had barely finished decorating when she appeared!

My grandfather and aunt (from mum's side) came with her two cute kids but I didn't take pictures of them before they went home!

Me and BF ^_^

Belinda told me it's unlikely that she would be able to attend but she came so it was a big surprise to me! Was very happy because most people wouldn't bother but she did ^_^ Us with my sweet Fidelis.

Double-couple picture!

With Jaclyn! Haven't seen her for a long time.

The master bedroom was occupied by the relatives, while the other room was occupied by my secondary school mates.

Me and my secondary school mates! I love all my secondary school friends but it's a pity I lost contact with most of them.

Me & Vanessa, Me and Fidelis!


Isaac! We have all grown up since~~

I'm finally 2-1!

My lovely birthday cake sponsored by BF!

Picture-taking time! Me and my family.

Adding the guys to make the genders equal!

My aunts and uncles and cousins and relatives from my father's side! Full of humor genes in this picture!

Sophia and Shauna!

Picture with the boyfriend!

The people who take care of my hair. Essensual's director Bryan and my stylist Wayne!

Much love for these girls ^_^

Zaki and CM! Funny fellas. Haha.

Jasper and Nicholas. They are super-ON!

A nice photo of me and Fidelis! :)

And this one is with my sis, who has been growing rapidly prettier these days. What magic potion did she ate???


& of course a picture with the bestie ^^

Vanessa, Isaac, Benjamin, Me and Fidelis!

This is my boyfriend feeding me cake :p

Was a great night! Ending off with a cute picture of Fidelis haha.