Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Best Yong Tau Foo I tasted in my ENTIRE life.

Guess where we went early next morning?? Downhill to Kuala Lumpur!

Roast pork for sale. It looks so tempting, grandma bought some!

In Singapore, most of the places selling roast pork buy them from wholesalers and do not taste that good. But the roast pork here is self-roasted by each stall in the morning just before selling, thus fresh and yummy!

Since young, whenever we head to Kuala Lumpur, our first stop would definitely be this Yong Tau Foo stall. I have to say, this is the best Yong Tau Foo I have ever ate. Yong Tau Foo in Singapore is so bland and the fillings are usually not very nice, but this stall in Kuala Lumpur has good soup and good fried beancurd skin wrapped with fish & meat!

We had extra helpings of the beancurd skin because it's just too good! Even after coming back to Singapore I was still craving for this Yong Tau Foo.

The tasty Yong Tau Foo stall looks like this. Judging from the signboard, I think it's at Madras Lane.

Nearby there is this humble pork congee stall with the yummiest pork congee I have ever ate (besides the chai chee pork congee at Bedok85). Sadly, it was Tuesday when we went down and it was closed that day :( In fact, they are closed on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. -_- Why? Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday more people eat congee?

Entered a wet market similar to the one I saw at Malacca last year.

An old coffee shop!

The uncle makes his coffee behind this grill window!

The food stalls are open-concept. Kinda like those old coffee shops along old districts in Singapore. Very rarely seen already, aren't they?

Birds for sale~

After I took this picture of the porcupines, dad told me not to disturb because they can shoot out their needles at me. I thought their needles only extend and poke the predator if touched? The needles will fly out de meh? Luckily I didn't take this picture with flash. If not my face kena needles -.-

The longan drink was surprisingly good! Not too sweet and thirst-quenching!

Saw a supermart doing clearance sale. Look at how messy the whole store is! Kua Zhang!

I don't like popiahs.

Ate char siew while waiting for our cab to bring us back to Genting!

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