Friday, October 28, 2011


Right after coming back from the Genting trip, we checked into my Birthday venue the next day to stay for a night!

Went shopping for snacks and food for BBQ!

We basically just slacked around till night time then we went to BBQ!

A nice picture of my sis.

A nice picture of my Dad.

A not-so-nice picture of our pork chop. But it's yummy!

My sis' BF and my dad working hard at the stove. Haha. Here, men work, ladies eat :p

Fresh prawns! Daddy bought them at the market in the morning. See what I mean when I say "Men work, ladies eat?" Haha!

Damn shiok, sit down and wait for food ^_^

My bf also abit buayzidong one, he sat down there together with us waiting for food!!!

Eventually he kena forced to BBQ food for us too hahaha.

We bought ready-marinated meat-chops from a convenience store. Look at this piece of chicken! They forgot to chop up this one! It's like the whole piece of chicken lol.

Eh eh, I also got help out ABIT in bbq-ing ok....

The next morning, we had instant noodles on the electric stove we brought from home!

Decorated the place for the whole afternoon after that to prepare for my birthday party :D Pictures in the next entry!

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