Thursday, October 20, 2011

RM8 Rollercoaster Ride

While we were in Kuala Lumpur, we also went to Mid Valley Mega Mall. It is indeed huge, but not many shoppers. Guess it was because it was still early afternoon and a weekday.

Heading down to Kuala Lumpur was actually a last minute decision after we reached Genting. I initially packed this outfit for the cold weather at Genting, but after wearing it down to Kuala Lumpur, I'm glad I didn't wear this for a full day at the chilly mountain top. The dress looks long but it is mostly semi-transparent net, thus quite airy! Suitable for Singapore weather! I got this dress from PERRYAMBER.

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There was this controller thing beside each toilet bowl but I didn't really bother about it. But both my sis and my mum itchy hand go turn it!!!! End up one kena water on face and one kena water on clothing. LOL!

This shows that they didn't look at the instruction sign behind the door! That thing is to wash butt de!

This staff was skinning coconuts in the middle of the supermarket. Looks fresh and nice so we bought one to bring back to the hotel to eat!

Having snacks while waiting for grandparents to get ready for dinner ^^

Guess what Dad is videoing?

We were all lying on the bed sharing the coconut on the bedside table haha.

Dinner time!

The roast duck noodles here are expensive, probably due to its prime location, but the portion is big too~ The sauce taste like chee cheong fan sauce O____O

We decided not to head to the outdoor theme park on this trip, but we wanted to play at least one roller-coaster ride. And so... we bought the "pay per ride" tickets. Expensive lor, per person RM8 for ONE ride~ Better to buy the "unlimited play" tickets.

Was fun! I could go again and again on this ride. It wasn't peak period, so there was NO QUEUE!!!!! In previous years we always had to wait quite long just for a short ride.

Sat at Mcdonalds to use free wifi again... This time, we didn't buy anything. Haha damn thick skin.

We bought yummy tea egg back to eat!

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