Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's my 21st Birthday today!

It's my 21st Birthday today!

Spending today with BF, since I already had a birthday party last weekend. Yesterday we had this conversation on Whatsapp.

BF: You better like your present hor. If not I skin you alive.
ME: Hehe. Got handwritten love card or not.
BF: Noooooooooooo.
ME: Why :(
BF: Give before le so don't have.

Then he proceeded to tell me his plan for today. The plan was to have breakfast, head to USS, have lunch there, and then a "expensive" dinner.

ME: No need wear gown de right?
BF: Need hor. I also got bring clothes to change.
ME: Need meh. Haha you help me carry?
ME: Need me bring the canvas tote?
BF: U help me carry ar Haha
ME: Idiot. Tomorrow I princess leh.
ME: Tomorrow got white horse and carriage come fetch me anot. I want.
BF: No white horse but got handsome prince haha.

Yesterday on the way home I asked dad "Are we going to celebrate with the leftover cake from the party? Lol."

Dad: Inside my stomach already.

Haha.. will blog about my birthday party this weekend if I can!

Updated: Okay, I will be blogging something else this weekend. I still have lots more to blog about but I have no time to sit down and blog!! Will find time will find time. Soon you'll see long entries everyday instead of all these short ones. ^_^

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