Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Night date

It has been a long time since me and bf went on a proper date, and so to celebrate one of our anniversaries, we decided to have dinner at Chijmes :)

I've never been here for meals before. The only times I've been here were years ago when I was conducting shoots for models. I've always find it a nice place for romance!

Our restaurant was La Viva, a Spanish restaurant.

We chose to sit indoors. I like the interior!

The highlight was the mains! I had meat combo while SX had the seafood combo.

Look at those scallops!!!

What a great pile. Haha.

We took quite some time to finish our mains as the portion was huge! Then it's time for dessert!

The waitress helped us to take a picture of both of us. His face is red from the wine! Haha.

We wandered around outside after dinner. The ambiance was great for a nice sweet walk!

I have to thank for the great date! It was a deal from their site, 40% off the bill! For a $100 meal, you only have to pay $60! It's a great solution for couples like us who love regular dates but do not have the money for it.

After buying the coupon, a PDF is emailed to me, I just print it out and then present it at the restaurant. So easy!

I think all of you should go look out for deals at the site. Buy you and your date a great date for special occasions!


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