Monday, October 17, 2011



It was a great trip with my family and grandparents. Bought the first night stay at $2 each twin room at one of the group deal site! However, the coach we took was not the same one that we usually take... Prefer our usual coach! BUT, the whole bus only had us and one other silent couple, so it does seem like we had a private bus all to ourselves!

Wonder why all coaches stop at this food place in Yong Peng. Nothing delicious here and it is infested with flies. Much better than 2 years ago though. I remember when I was a kid I took lots of pictures with this fish fountain!

& we finally arrived at Genting! Our room was at First World Hotel tower 1. Realise from past experiences is that rooms in tower 2 are much spacious.

Shared a room with my sis! We used to share a room as a family (the rooms and bed were larger in previous years' rooms), but now I can just throw my things anywhere on the dressing table. No need to be neat! :p

Our rooms felt more eerie and darker than my parents' room. Luckily, we were connected by a door in between!

Head down for some snacks. We love Marrybrown!! Wish they would open some branches in Singapore.

Mum and Dad. Acting young. Lol.

The journey took half day away! It's time for dinner!

The assam sotong and sambal kangkong was fantastic. Craving now!

Took a walk outside and found a coffeeshop with this signboard at its door.Why cannot bring in Chee Cheong Fun? Why the special mention?

Mum and Grandma donated their coins for me to call SX via public phone! It's really expensive just for afew minutes chat!

The mist was the thickest on our first night there. It wasn't so cold for many years already.

Some tourist pictures~~

Found wifi at Mcdonalds and so we bought a pack of small fries to sit there and whatsapp boyfriend. Haha. So much cheaper than calling lor!

Luckily I packed face masks! Placed one every night before I sleep due to the harsh weather. Also remember to apply lipbalm if not lips will swollen (well, it happened to me afew times before)!

To summarise, first night at Genting was quite relaxing and we did not rush to do anything. The adults were quite eager to head to the casino though :p

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