Monday, October 10, 2011

$40 for a pair of tickets, accidentally!!!!

Me and BF did something stupid that day!

Actually, just me.

We were having dinner when we suddenly decided to watch movie. I wanted to watch Bad Teacher, so I used his mobile phone to book tickets. I was so happy because I found a slot at the shopping mall we are at and the timing was so suitable. Plus got corner two-person seat!! So I happily clicked confirm and bought the tickets using his card.

Then I said, "It's $40 today" aloud to BF, like it's alright. Cos I was thinking $10 per person, so $40 did seem correct. (Maths super fail -_-)

BF opened his eyes big big and said "What?? Why $40?!"

And then I suddenly realised what I done and this time it was me who did a O_O face back at him. I BOOKED THE PREMIUM CLASS TICKETS BY MISTAKE. $40 for a pair of tickets. We are not even rich and we are paying double on a normal day???!!!!! It's not even our anniversary or any special occasion!!! Plus the movie we are watching is not even those action pack hollywood blockbuster. It's "bad teacher" for goodness sake; the kind of the movies we can watch on DVDs.

-_- So anyway, we went in and was quite awed la. The movie was good, I like that Cameron Diaz is so cool ^_^

Another movie we watched recently was Contagion. I like the movie! It's so scary, like how a virus could be spreaded so easily. More scary than Sars, H1N1, etc! The virus kills so fast, there isn't even time to say goodbye :( Hope such virus never ever happens. At the end of the movie, it shows what happened at the start and why the virus was spreaded so quickly. I think the possiblity of it happening is very high lor, if the virus formula was true.

Then, we watched Fright Night, tickets given by Nuffnang. It's exciting and thrilling~! The storyline is simple but still, I had to grasp on BF's arm at some points of the story because the vampires are scary! I'm not sure if the movie is still screening, but I think it is worth a watch.

After the movie BF brought me to eat "Yu Tou Ru", Fish Head Steamboat. But the stall he chose wasn't fantastic... Had a hard time with the fish meat cos it was so full of bones! The soup became better and better after some time though.

BF pouring soup for me :) One thing I like about him is that when we dine, he always kiap food for me and put it on my plate. I find it very manly and I like being taken care of. Hehe. And when we eat some dishes like curry fish head, he always give me alot of meat when he knows I like them and he eats mostly veggies cos I don't like eating them. Don't like guys who snatch all the good food from me!! :P

I think it is his natural personality la, I don't think it's because he loves me especially or what. I'm sure he does that for all his ex girlfriends. Haha.

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