Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why Valentines day?

I was thinking yesterday...
Valentines Day should be made a public holiday for attached people.

WAIT, before you start bashing me, let me explain.

I have some reasons for such a thought.

1) Good for attached people.
Whee, can spend time together longer, not good meh? Plus can minus one day work leh, not bad lor!

2) Can bring two singles together.
If got such an implement, you confirm will ask your male friend to act as your date one right!!! Then if there's a rule that you cannot take leave and stay at home you MUST go on a date to be granted this offday, then you two will go on a fake date, then who knows, might ignite some sparks leh!!!

3) Excuse to ask your crush out.
If you paisei to ask your crush out for a date on V-day, this is an excuse for you to ask him to act as your date!! Must ask nonchalantly, must act like you just casually ask him so that you can get leave from work, act like if he don't want you will ask another one, so that it doesn't make it so obvious you specially choose him out of all the guys. Heheh then maybe can ignite sparks on the fake date also.

Good right!!! But then no need to think so much. It will NEVER happen. Lol.

I know alot of people don't like Vday. Sure, everyday can be a Vday if a couple is loving and sweet but most people wouldn't pamper your other half every single day right?? If you are loving and sweet everyday, then Vday is a special day for you to treat your partner even better.

And for the singles... I would hate it too if I'm single (I still remember many years ago I went to Tampines Mall with my father & sister, I watched in envy at other couples. I tell you, Tampines Mall was crowded with lots and lots of couples on that date I don't know why.)

Some attached couples hate Valentines day because their other half is not as sweet or too busy to shower them with love and attention then they feel upset cos all their friends are like hao-lianing their flowers. Stupid guys, nothing else is more important than treating your girlfriend right! If you don't feel that urge to sayang your gf or see her beaming with happiness, you probably don't really like her as much as you think.

Some feel that Valentines day is a commercialised date for restaurants and gift shops to earn money and rip-off you. To me, I feel that this is not a valid reason to hate valentines day. If you hate expensive restaurants, then head over to a normal restaurant. Valentines day doesn't mean you have to bring your gf to a fine-dining restaurant. If you've gotten a gf that expects that of you, err, good luck to you (and your wallet) then. Because I know most girls don't really care whether it is a $25-per-pax restaurant or a $500-per-pax restaurant (unless you are intentionally niao lah, I cannot stand guys who are stingy and unwilling to spend abit more on a special date on his girlfriend when he has the ability to). For me, I'd be contented as long as I see my date putting in effort. If you are not pampering or sweet to me for the day, you bring me go eat the best restaurant in Singapore I also won't be happy.

So anyway, me and SX didn't go fine-dining yesterday. We are a poor couple, no money one T_T But still, I had fun, blog next time okay!

Anyway I had a difficult time yesterday trying to take pictures!! I wanted to use flash but my flash was taking such a long time in between each shot to be loaded because the battery no more already -_- I remembered asking SX to help me change the battery before we went out, but he took out the battery and instead of putting in the new batteries, he put back the battery that he just took out. Wahlao!!! Don't know what he thinking lor. I just found out today when I saw the new batteries lying on my desk and I was like "waste so much of my effort yesterday!"

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