Sunday, February 27, 2011

Essensuals Bloggers Flea

Did you head down to the Essensuals Flea last weekend? I was there with plenty other awesome bloggers, selling our pre-loves and some brand new!

The crowd started to wither out towards the end, and we had fun taking pictures. Love the Essensuals Family, everyone is fun!

Benjamin doing his sales talk. Now then I know he's quite good at it leh haha.

Polaroids taken~

My neighbours are Crystal and Ben! And that black&white big prints dress is not mine, is Ben's!! Don't know where he got it from... So not my style, still keep put near my signboard, tsk!

I was doing my new gel extensions at Millys before this so I was late. I even contemplated skipping the flea but I'm glad I didn't because I had so much fun in the end! Plus I'm sure Ben will kill me if I deserted him there haha.

Pretty dresses from other bloggers. The feminine ones~

& my other side neighbours. The hip group~

Melissa Faith Yeo looks stunning!

My stylist munching on her muffin. Damn cute right hahaha.

With WenQing. I think she was the only one without makeup that day.

With Sophie~ She very cool and quiet leh.

The owner of Millywalker also came down to give manicures at low price!

We sat down to chit chat with the rest towards the end of the flea.

This Eric ah, damn drama one. Lol!

Cutesy Miyake ^-^ Has been super long since the last time I met her!

With Peggy~ Exchanged afew pieces of clothings with her!

& June~

Yutaki. I saw a fan coming up to ask his autograph!!

Posing with my signboard hahaha.

& with Bryan, director of Essensuals Bugis.

Our signboards pasted at the entrance. All our hair lovingly taken care of by Essensuals Bugis!

Group picture!

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