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I've always liked brunch food, but I haven't heard of any brunch cafes near the east where I live. And most brunch places are so ulu... why can't we have a brunch franchise that places itself at every shopping centre just like mcdonalds? How convenient.

So, soon after Jacelyn's Bday, we celebrated Nadia's Birthday.

Sabrina chose for us to go to Hatched - I've never been here before! It is located at Evans Rd, near Bukit Timah Area. It serves all-day brunch. Ahhh, if only it's situated on the street across my home.

The interior isn't very big, so it is recommended to reserve your table before you head down.

And Hatched is all about Eggs. I think every single dish has egg in it!

That's Jacelyn who came after me.

We got this colourful vodka cover for Nadia!

I was so torn between the choices.

This is Jacelyn's salmon Royale. It's like Eggs Benedict, salmon style.

I had Eggs Benedict, bacon style. I changed the mashed potato to sauteed potatoes. Omg I'm craving for this now!! The egg was done very skillfully. The white was firm and it was only when I poked it the half-cooked yolk flowed out. The wet egg yolk tasted great with my bacon and muffin!

Scrambled omelette with toast... I'm not sure what dish this is. Ordered by Cel!

This is the usual breakfast combination. Eggs you can have it any way you want, and Nadia chose scrambled. She's weird, she likes eggs mixed together but doesn't like it when the yolk and whites are separated. I think I like all kinds of eggs with the yolk remaining half cooked. Not many places serve wet scramble eggs. Hate it when people cook my yolk fully in sunny side ups... don't really fancy the fully-cooked yolk in hard boiled eggs though I love the white ^^

This is Papillote, ordered by Fidelis. Basicially, it's omelette wrapped with salmon, on top of toast. Looks good!

My cafe latte..

We also got pancakes to share! I liked the bananas but I felt that the pancakes here were too thick and tasted blah after 1-2 bites.

Picture of Jacelyn and Fidel!

We had a great time savouring our yummy breakfast and chatting! We should really have brunch more often!

The birthday girl with her gift:

Everyone took turns to take a picture with the birthday girl..

Me and Nadia! I love the background ^^

With Jacelyn.

& Fidel.

My lovely outfit was sponsored by! Isn't it sweet? Love the dress lots!

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