Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shopping buys

I bought two new wallets yesterday! Guess why!!!

The pink one above not THAT nice, but I still bought it.
Cos damn cheap!!!! Guess how much!

2 for $16. Means 1 for $8.
Isn't it like super cheap?

The uncle told me 1 is for $10.
If I buy 2, it'll be $2 off EACH ITEM.
If I buy 3, it'll be $3 off EACH ITEM.
And so on.

So I got two and showed Mum when I got home.
Then she told me something I didn't thought of.

If I buy 9 items, it'll be $9 off EACH ITEM, means each will cost $1 (omg).
If I buy 10 items, it'll be $10 off each item, = FREEEEEEEE!!!!!! Wahlao, I should have "bought" TEN!!! Lol. First time I encounter such a flawed promotion rate.


Most of their items are classic, simple, and easy enough for anyone to carry off. Definitely good for safe dressers like me!

Fred Perry inspired bag.

This is their first self-manufactured design, the Cascading Drape dress.

It comes in:
Royal Navy
Summer Coral
Midnight Black

I wore the Royal Navy piece to Huiwen's house gathering 2 nights ago!! The cutting is very nice and it eccentuates the figure so that you look slimmer! I also like the design at the front..

You should totally get this dress! You won't be able to get the same piece anywhere else, plus it's totally wearable and I confirm you can wear this more than once.
Remember to join mailing list too, as they will have special discounts for you!

Anyway Huiwen's dog is the first one I met that doesn't bark doesn't bite doesn't lick (at least for the few hours when I was at her house)! Plus it got super cute face ^^ and it's very greedy for food. You have to see how the eye seems to widen and tongue all out when you put food near him! It can even jump high if he sees food in your hands! Hen ke ai lor!

And... the first dog I ever carried is him! Hahahah I think it lasted a mere 1 minute though.

Anyway, you like the peeptoe booties that I was wearing in the picture above? It's specially manufactured by TianFenLan and they kindly sponsored me one!

The owner was very helpful in selecting a correct size for me. They also have the same design in nude khaki. Check it out at !

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