Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Best time of the month to indulge in food!

I always look forward to my period.
You know why?

Because when I know my period is due anytime soon, I'd start avoiding white or light coloured dresses. But then my period loves to play hide and seek with me, and is ALWAYS late. So each month, there's like 2 weeks waiting time + 1 week flowing time when I could not wear light coloured dresses. Left with only 1 week to enjoy! Sometimes I get very pekchek about it. And I know my luck de, if I decide to wait 2 weeks more even when expected date comes, CONFIRM will come early when I'm not prepared one. Better safe than sorry!

So anyway, since the bulk of my readers are females, I feel that I should share some Happy Period Tips!

1. Get a cute pouch to put your sanitary pads so that you feel happy whenever you see it in your bag. Something pink or smiley.

2. Let me tell you a secret, girls usually feel thinner on the first 2 days because that's when you burn carbs faster!! If you are craving for a big spread of buffet for the whole month, wait till your period comes!! Hah, another reason to look forward to your period.

3. Put on a facemask and prepare a diy warm foot spa to pamper yourself. When it's done, not only you feel refreshed, but you also feel more confident because you know you have a brighter, moisturised skin now!

4. On the 3rd/4th day, put all your work aside and give yourself one "off-day". Relax and slow down. Prepare a bottle of hot water and place it on your tummy while you watch TV to lessen the cramp pains. Give yourself an excuse to laze ^^

5. Go out with your date or camwhore on day6 because that's when your skin is most tender!

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