Friday, February 11, 2011


There seems to be lots of nice movies to watch recently!!

On CNY4, I watched It's a Great Great World. I enjoyed the show!
It's a combination of 4 different stories, with linkage to the featured landmark. Besides the first segment which was kinda lame, the other 3 stories were great! Simple storylines, yet I liked it.

I think the winning factor of this movie is that it attracts the older crowd who feels nostalgic on this landmark which used to be a familar part of their lives. I'm sure when I grow older I will love those movies that "huai jiu" on things that are part of my younger days. I didn't feel anything for the landmark, but the simple stories are enough for me to give this movie 4/5 stars.

Thanks to, I got to watch this movie No Strings Attached as well. The theme of the story is interesting but the filmsy storyline could have been better. However, Ashton Kutcher is such an eye-candy that it's definitely worth the ticket.

The movie is funny and I found myself laughing alot at the dialogue exchanges. Overall, it's an easy and lighthearted movie, great to watch on days when you don't feel like thinking so much!

I give the movie 3/5 stars!

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