Tuesday, February 22, 2011



My boss gave me half day off to celebrate Valentines with bf. He came to fetch me after work and we had lunch at the coffee shop we used to eat at alot when we started dating.

Forgot to tell the aunty that I want chicken thigh! :(

We went to watch "Zui Qiang Xi Shi"... it's actually a CNY movie but I think it was perfect for the date cos it's more like love story lor. Haha. It's a lighthearted hilarious movie, fits our tastebuds!

And this show hor, alot chiobu! Cecilia Chung still looks so good after so many years~ Sian, if I look like her jiu hao.

Neoprint time! One thing I dislike about it is that it's so difficult to capture a clear photo to put online!

Time for dinner! Since it's already our 2nd year celebrating Valentines Day together, we decided to forgo the usual western dinner. We booked a dinner set at Little Bali. The concept was quite interesting!

Amongst the greenery...

We were so paisei in our couple outfit... I didn't know that it'll be so embarassing, especially when it's Vday!

Decorations with lots of balloons.

& rose pretals on the pathway...

We chose the BBQ seafood set! There were also many other set such as Indonesian, Thai, Indian, Western, etc etc. This is the dinner platter for sharing.

Red Snapper, Tiger Prawns, Mussels, Sambal Sotong, Rice, and Crackers!

SX helping me to take the meat out from the bones. I think I ate 90% of the fish lor, cos he don't really dare to eat fish (cos scared of fish bone -_-). Was so full after that!

Dessert! The cake was surprisingly good!

I ordered an ala-carte mango sticky rice. It was the first time SX tried this!

Our couple outfit is from www.miuee.com

Before the dinner, we were walking around when SX tried some perfume and liked one of them. I pulled him away and after that when he was at the washroom, I ran down one storey, bought the perfume, and ran back up to the outside of the washroom to wait for him. He did not even suspect anything, while my heart was beating damn fast lol. After that he kept saying the fragrance very nice but I didn't tell him anything until like 1 hour later when we were in the cab on the way to Little Bali. I asked him "you really like the perfume ah?" Then I took it out of my bag and surprised him.

Haha. During the earlier stage of our relationship, we used to give each other alot of surprises but after some time both of us become lazy liao. (after this perfume surprise, he surprised me with breakfast later that week. ^^)

2nd movie of the day! We went to watch "HomeComing". Not bad luh the show... Ah Niu very funny! Hahaha.

The cinema gave us a free heart donut from donut factory. So sweet!

Before Valentines day I had told SX not to anyhow buy things for me, I only want Rilakkuma. And so, he got my very first Rilakkuma! And then before the movie, we went to play the kiap kiap machine and he won another Rilakkuma for me!! Damn happy, I love Rilakkumas, they're so cute!

"I born first!"

"I born 2nd!"

They damn cute lor, the face forever grumpy one hahahah.

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