Friday, February 18, 2011

When I was 15

My sis was clearing her desk afew days ago and she dug up this black notebook where she used to paste all her "contracts" with me.

Can't believe that I did this with her when I was 15.

Show you some examples.

(anyway, the handwriting is hers. very ugly hor? mine nicer. haha)

That time I haven't started blogging so I was just a poor student.

& if I wanted to use the computer, must ask mum's permission de. Including watching tv, eating something from the fridge, etc. *kelian*

"5 promises" meaning "5 task that I have to help her do". Damn bohua. I rather pay her $5 lor haha, but then, at that time $5 was an enormous amount to me! I really miss the past, when I only have to give her afew sweets/$1/$2 to help me do stuffs. Now is minimum $10 if not she won't agree de. Sometimes $10 she also reject!! Money-grabber tsk tsk.

And her contract with daddy. Lol. Even him also play along uh. See lah, that time want to use own money also need to ask for permission from parents!

Why is BOBO holding this packet of thing?

Cos it is BOBO TANG (bobo sweet). Lol~

Ending off this entry with a cute octopus!!

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