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G+ Event & Giveaway to 3 lucky winners!

GlitteratiPlus Event &
GIVEAWAY at the end of this entry! :)

I was invited a week ago to give a short talk regarding blogging tips for the Nuffnang Glitterati Plus event. Besides me, Dr Leslie Tay, Ben and Qiuting were also invited to give their tips!

Leading up to the event, I was so nervous that I pestered Elise non stop lol. I think she totally regretted asking me to be one of the bloggers. So anyway, thanks to all who rsvped!

I spent a record-breaking time (by record-breaking I meant breaking the longest time, not the shortest) trying to put on my eye makeup. My eyelids creased differently for that day and I had a hard time trying to equalise the makeup on both eyes!! I removed and applied, removed and applied for about 5 times and finally decided to just head out with unequal eye makeup. I had especially looked more bloated on my face than normal days I have no idea why!

When I reached I didn't have any umbrella and the cab driver dropped me off outside where there was no shelter. Luckily for me, Ben's cab arrived the same time as mine and he saved me! Haha. Qiuting reached way earlier than us - and earlier than most of the event attendees (when I left home she reached liao lol) - me and ben were like 'tsktsk, spoil market!!!'. I've never met many bloggers who are on time for events, much less early ones. Well, I think I've been mixing around with the wrong crowd uh. Bad influence! Haha.

The event was held at Sinema Old School. I've never been there before and this was the first time. Ben and me got lost in the middle of nowhere and when Elisa was asking me where I am, I couldn't make out any description cos the place we were at was just an empty level.

We finally saw light and found the foyer!

It was still raining so lucky for us there were umbrellas prepared!

The event started after everyone settled down. Huiwen, country manager of Nuffnang gave an opening speech and welcomed Amanda, our new blogger relations after Raine. I like her!

So anyway, after a brief introduction, we watched some trailers of interesting local productions that will be shown in Sinema, and after that it's time for an ice-breaking game.

We are Team 21!

Our other group members: Jayden, Arissa and Dawn.

Supposedly we were supposed to group with people we do not know but obviously the 5 of us already met each other before this event :p It just doesn't make sense not to have a group of all bloggers when there are exactly 5 of us sitting at the same row.

So anyway, we had to complete the game tasks and ask the Polaroid girls to take a photo of us completing each task.

1) Find someone wearing a red top or dress (Not many wore red that day!!!)
2) Take a group picture of us each holding a limited edition Jipaban angbao that was given in the goodie bag (Easy!)
3) Take a polaroid with any of the speaking blogger of the day (Super easy cos out of the 4 speaking bloggers, 2 are in our group - me and Ben! Hahaha)
4) Find someone with a tattoo (damn difficult cos we didn't spot Noel Boyd! I think there were only two person with tattoos that day and they are 'attacked' by all the groups lol)
5) Solve a crossword puzzle and do the act on the picture (Pose like a rabbit!)

Ben's bangles. He's more bling than me!

We finished our task and had time to take piccies~!!

Group picture of our group! :)
Arissa, Jayden, Dawn, Me, and Ben!

Posted our polaroids at the board.

We won 3rd in place!!! Power of the all-bloggers-team hahahah.

Someone snapped a good looking picture of Ben using my camera.

Time to nominate a president and vice-president for the Glitterati Plus team! They had to present an idea/event that they would implement if they become president and all the suggestions were interesting but Hong Peng won the crowd over by suggesting an overseas trip haha. Seriously, I do think that he deserves the post because he's one of the most enthu bloggers I've ever met. Vice president goes to Thiang.

Boss of Nuffnang - Ming talking~

Nice right this picture on Dawn's Ipad.

Anyway, refreshments time came and went and it was soon time for us to give our small talk about blogging tips.

Ben went first.

Then QiuTing.

Then lastly, who?

Me lah. I got very nervous suddenly midway through the talk and my legs turned jelly and my voice trembled. I accidentally blurted out "Hen Jing Zhang!"... Omg embarrassing T_T
(the lovely dress I'm wearing is from )

After us was a long speech by Dr Leslie Tay of famous local food blog IeatIshootIpost. His talk was very interesting and got us all listening.

Picture with QiuTing. Look at her nose.

Then look at Ben's. How come every one's nose so high and define de ah!!! Why can't I be born with nice nose too :( I've never known how it feels like to have a nose like that. I think if I got tiny and defined sharp nose I'd touch it everyday hahaha.

After the event~
Ben, Jayden, Candice (SuperKawaiiMama from Aussie), and me!

Me with the girls from Monoxious.
Really is Do Re Mi lor.

And Elise! Thanks for inviting me!! And thanks to Amanda and Huiwen and the nuffnang team too, for working so hard for such a wonderful event^^

Anyway, we immediately utilised our prize from winning the game. Our group went over to Starbucks to drink and chat.

Me likes whipped cream.

Anyway, if you are interested to find out more of the benefits of joining Glitterati Plus, please visit


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