Monday, February 7, 2011

Ben's Bday at Raindrop Cafe

Ben invited me and Isaac for his 22nd birthday party at Raindrops Cafe!

I got credit in pasting some of the alphabets!!

Got ribbons on the light bulbs one. So cute ^^

And polkadot serviettes!

Long time no see Isaac!

This was our menu for the day. One item from each course. Yums!

Remembering our previous blackberry face up photo, lets play the back game now.
Guess which one is mine, which one is Isaac's, which one is Ben's??

Ans: Mine, Isaac, Ben.

90% of you would have guessed the melody one is mine. Hahaha. My phone cover is ugly but there's only because I couldn't find cute ones and this cover is damn sturdy I dropped my blackberry so many times already!

I'm totally not a salad person! I just don't find raw veggies appealing. Isaac loved it though.

It was 2 against 1 regarding preference for photos without flash. I love flash, the guys hated it... We make bad camwhore buddies then :(

Soup for me!! The chunky mushrooms were fun to chew on.

I was torn between this chicken dish and the dish I eventually chose. I was glad when Isaac decided to choose this! :p

My pork rack. It's thick and yums! Couldn't decide if this was nicer or the chicken up there.

Loved the leggings I wore that day. Got it from

Outfit of the day! Dress from Mamatiam.

Look at Isaac's shoes with wings!

Time for dessert... Isaac got this alcohol jello thing. Quite interesting!

I got the creme brulee that ended up being Isaac's cos he loved the burnt sugar.

Pictures with the birthday boy!

Time for the cake~

He wished damn long!!!!! Don't know he posing for pictures or got alot of wishes. Haha.

It was great meeting up with them again! ^^

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