Thursday, February 10, 2011


CNY day 3, some of my parents' friends came over to visit.

We had a steamboat spread. Mum forgot the quail eggs! I love steamboat at home because mum always prepare lots of meat & seafood. Most people link steamboat with lots of sea cucumber/fishmaw/clams and other weird food, which I don't like! I love meaty steamboat! Even the taupok and beancurd skin had minced meat wrapped inside! Yums!

I love tofu in steamboat. Very nice, especially when it's hot! And I only like leafy dark green veggy!

Can you spot me in the steamboat cover? haha.

Why do so many people like those long white mushrooms ah? I find it abit damp and smelly lor! Much prefer the normal mushrooms!

Yusheng! I still don't dare to eat those white raw fishes. It just doesn't feel as safe as sashimi from Japanese restaurants. These look like they are bought and cut from the supermarket. Haha.

Ready... Get set....


I ended up with lots of yusheng on my hands cos everyone didn't kiap their yusheng properly! Everyone just tossed it into the air and let them free fall! Must kiap it back down also mah!

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