Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No Label

I shop alot at Bugis St and I realised that in the recent months they've been expanding alot. First, it was the new extension where Milly's is currently at. And more recently, Little Red Dot materialized. I feel that Bugis St is so big now that I need hours to finish shopping there completely! It's really good that they expanded the place because it's really too crowded. Need to spread them out!

Little Red Dot's entrance is located at the "main center" of the upper level. You know where is that Tattoo shop? The few random food stalls? The little pushcart selling mobile bling skins? THERE!

Another way to get there to go up at the staircase next to Wo Ai Tai Mei. I find that it's more difficult to guide you to Wo Ai Tai Mei. I went to try Wo Ai Tai Wei by coming down the stairs from Little Red Dot lol.

Most of the shops there aren't open yet but NoLabel is open!

Lots of dresses I didn't know where to start!!!

There is also a men's wear collection at the side. Confirm will be a boy-friend approved shop! Now he won't be impatient while you try on one dress after the other. Maybe become you get impatient while he tries one after another!! :x

Me likes these two tops!

Who wouldn't love this sweet skirt?

Business was brisk that day!

Tried on afew dresses..

Me likes toga!

This chiffon top and high waist shorts.

It's not any other chiffon top! It got blings!

Two other dresses that caught my eye. Couldn't decide on navy blue or light pink!

One of my faves!

Somemore somemore!

This one has lovely bottom!

The staff was very friendly too. I'm sure you'll have a pleasurable time shopping at NoLabel. Head down for post CNY shopping now!! With your stack of hongbao money!!

Join NoLabel's FB page!

There is a new promo for Valentines day: 5% off first item, 2nd item onwards is 10% off! Can grab your bf to get an outfit for Valentines day with you, at the same store! Customers who mention my name will get additional 5% off!!!!! REMEMBER to say ah, if not no discount!


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