Saturday, May 17, 2008

I was super sway yesterday.

I was on the bus, and this 40+ 50+ uncle came to sit beside me. Then he started taking out biscuits to eat. I dont mind people eating on the bus, but guess what happened next?

He took out his water to drink, then i dont know for whatever reason, he splurted everything out like a water fountain. Splashed all over me, the person at the other side of him, and even the windows on my side! So many water~!

Can you imagine how disgusting it is? Biscuits bits, his saliva, and water. Ewwww.

He didn't even say sorry. I think he said to the guy beside him but hey, im nearer to him and it's obvious the water on my side is more leh. He took out a tissue............... and wiped HIMSELF!!

And after that, he continued eating his biscuits!

And drank water again.

Omg, i was praying that he dont splurt everything out again!

Came across this video at youtube this morning:
(if you can't see video below, go to )

Jay chou is super cute!
Im head over heels in love with him now. Haha.

He's so charming at the library part~~

I really miss the start of relationships, guessing whether the guy likes you or not, all those little bits.


Im gonna keep this entry short, because i still want people to reply to my survey from yesterday's post!


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