Monday, May 12, 2008

Boyfriend is doing a checkup tonight and apparently it's a painful one that requires the scope to go through the mouth and get into the stomach.


It seems like so long since i last took out my camera to snap snap snap and camwhore. I've been going out for dinners, had yummy crabs that boss' mum cooked for us, ate lots of sweets within 3 days, and spending time with boyfriend.

But all those seem too random to even blog about.

Even when i have the urge to call up some of my bestest friends out for a day shopping and having fun together, i think about my wallet and i gave up the thought. Cashflow problems recently because i've stopped taking pocket money and is now depending solely on my own unstable income.

And this week has been tough, because i spent too much on shopping and cabfares that im left with very little by the end of the week. A $60 pair of super high gold heels, $50 white heels (i regret buying it because it hurts when i walk), the bonia wallet for mum, earrings, taxi fares and other random stuffs that i forgot... Spent so much that boyfriend shook his head when he saw me with so many paperbags after he went away to do some stuffs for merely 30 minutes. hahaha. I even had to sms him " Come faster find me. If not i will shop shop shop and spend finish all the money!"

I have so little self control sometimes :)

Blog post on Scarlet launch event will be up next, followed by oosh's one year anniversary party which was more than a month ago, and more more more~! Just give me time to sort out the pictures :)

Advertorial! Contact if you are interested in the following items!

Black Tote comes with printed scarf
Price: $35 including normal postage, retailing at $39.90 excluding postage
Brand New, just received from MDS


Go Jane Adil Top (Large)
Wore 2 times, as good as brand new
Retailing at $15usd, selling at $18sgd.
Free postage

Product desciption:
Solid color top with front rouching.
Length of Sleeve: 7".
62% Polyester, 33% Rayon, 5% Spandex.
Hand wash cold, hang dry.
Made in USA.


Brand New Pashmina Shawls (Grey and Ivory White)
Selling at $5 each.
Free Postage

just saw from jayden's msn nick that Nadia is now stomp's starblog's new addition! wheeets! She's still as cute and funny in her post as ever :)

I got this picture from her. SUPER FUNNY.

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