Saturday, May 3, 2008

3 of them are very gorgeous friends.
I had a very curious question suddenly =p

Who do you think is prettier?
Who would you rather be? And why?


I love her long long hair~~

Love this picture :D

... and her megawatt smile!
Sharp features.

You all can reply in my comment box :)
Im so excited to see the results!!

Answer format:
Prettier: *inserts name*
I rather be *inserts name* because *answers why*

I think winnie will win the prettiest vote.
But i think Jessica has the most charm, because everyone around me says that they think she's an aspiring star.
And peggy... hohoho, i was only afew cm away from her firm assets yesterday! =P Omg, i envy her smooth skin~~


Daddy's Bday afew days ago.

When the clock turned 12am, me and sister walked into the room singing happy birthday carrying this cake. This was the first time we gave him a birthday surprise!

the next day we had dinner at Downtown east's sakura buffet restaurant. We didn't make reservations as everytime we go there it's empty. But that night, it was FULL. we had to wait like 45 minutes outside and i was irritated. Im a impatient girl and i hate waiting.

i was so hungry that when im finally inside, i stacked my first place with alot of food!

But well, food's great.

Must eats are:
- Grilled Dory
- Claypot wings
- Chawanmushi
- Prawns

Usually i would end the meal with loads of lovely cheesecakes but I didn't eat them this time cos i was too full. Finished up with a strawberry icecream.

You know in buffets they would charge you $** for every ***gram you wasted and didn't eat? So me and mummy had a marvelous idea when we find things that we dislike. We disect them by cutting them up and putting them on separate plates. That way ,it doesn't look like we didn't eat the thing! Hohoho.

I think i ate much more worth than the entry fee.

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