Thursday, May 29, 2008


I downloaded a game called "Supermarket Mania" (which is very fun to play! Well, at least that's what i think), and while playing happily acheiving EXPERT at each level, my screen suddenly turns into that dreadful bluescreen which is usually what you see before your laptop crashes.

I crossed my fingers while restarting my computer. LUCKILY, my computer started on as usual. Phew.

Eh! Crashing my laptop is no laughing matter. Thousands of photos and documents! I hate how my laptop doesn't have a alternate harddisk that saves another copy of my original harddisk. I remember i used to have something like that before so i wasn't afraid of crashing computers at that time. But dad says my current laptop cannot install another harddisk inside :(

Or is it called harddrive?
Blah, i would never be a techy person.


im in a very discouraging mood.

It seems like everything i do turns out to be a failure.


Be all glad and glee over my misfortune and unhappiness.

Why can't all things be right?!
How did i turn from a lucky girl into such a unfortunate piece of crap?

Im not used to this. Really.

I wouldn't be surprise if i accidentally fart infront of a hunk tomorrow.

Well, out with Jessica that day.
I forgot which day, well, that day.

Whenever i go out with her, I dont know why, we end up with sleepy eyes and tired bodies. Im always unable to be jumpy around her unlike how i am with other girls. I. Dont. Know. Why.

The first time we went shopping she ended up sleeping in the middle of citylink with my sleepy eyes looking at her. I wanted to sleep too but i had to look after her chanel bag that she always wear out when she's with me.

Alright. I'm going out of topic.

Forgive me, im just typing whatever my fingers feel like typing. That's what you get when you ask me to blog while im feeling down and unhappy.

I know i've been feeling down and unhappy ALOT recently and you readers are sick of it. I want to be happy too okay, but bad things keep happening to me. I would be sad about MISFORTUNE-A now, and just after i got over it and turned happy, MISFORTUNE-B would befall me.


I had enough of this!
Sometimes i wish something would just come and take all the bad things in my life away.

I hate whining.

But i can't stop myself.

You can see how unhappy i am.

back to what im supposed to blog about.



Okay, i was sick while out with her, so i think i was a very boring and lifeless shopping kaki that day.

Waiting for her to get ready at her home.
She takes more than an hour.

I think she'll nag at me if i took that long while she's waiting. haha. Or maybe not. Maybe she'll just meddle around with my soft toys or watch porn on my laptop.

Fish & Co for lunch. I was famished!
She was a darling for letting me sit on the sofa seat :)

I had the cheesy fish&chips while she had the normal one.

Then off we went shopping!

At first it was more like Jessica shopping and me whining about my heels hurting my feet. I was looking around for a pair of flats to buy so that i can change out of my high heels. She went to try on nighties while i sat outside the changing room for so long that my butt hurt as much as my heels.

She bought many things! I forgot what.

Then she felt thirsty and we went to have a break at Gelare and eat our favourite raspberry sorbet! Just thinking about it makes me crave for it.

A gorgeous photo of jessica! Finally a photo of me and her together without her making funny faces -.-

And after our energy are replenished, we went for more shopping. By this time, i've already gotten a new pair of flats to comfortably walk on, i was in a superb mood for shopping! But still i didn't spend on as much things as i wanted to. I think i only bought a bareback top, short top, a dress, and my new flats. Not fufilling for a shopping day, definitely.

I just realised how am i going to wear the bareback top out? I love barebacks, but how am i going to wear it with a bra? If the back of the bra is going to be seen, it'll be so ugly and not wearing a bra would be too skimpy cos the material is thin. Wearing a tube inside would be contradicting the point of wearing a bareback top. Well, shall think of it some other time.

But i love the short top! It's shiny white, and i just love it :D

The dress i bought was ugly. I wonder why i bought it in the first place -.-

YES. I know my makeup sucks.
Im gonna find a day and try to change it okay?

Anyway, clara did this to my eyes during lessons on monday.
Pretty right?!

But... I have no idea how she did that. Haha.

Okay, this has to be one of my worse entries ever, jumping from one irrelevent point to another without thinking.

Damn. To make myself happier, im going to go for supper now. ( & earn back that *kgs i finally shed while being sick -.- )

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