Sunday, May 11, 2008

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! What have you gotten for your mum? I got her a bonia wallet and cardholder, wrapped in beautiful pink wrapping paper :)

Im so excited for her reaction later when she opens the present because she loves bonia ^^

I have been so busy recently that i didn't have much time to even touch my computer :( Im losing touch with the internet world!

And i havent watch ANTM's latest episode.
No! Dont tell me what happened! No spoilers please :D

I love katarzyna but she's gone, so well, lets hope either anya (she sounds like she has a nice personality) or whitney (since her sharp features are pretty) wins. I dont really like whitney sometimes, but i dislike fatima all the more. She's pretty but i dont like how she critisizes everyone and blah, i just dont like her. Whitney's also a bitch but i think she's a nicer bitch, at least she has a little bit of nice side. Dominique, eh, no comments. Hah.

But then again, Katarzyna should have won :(

Alright, im boring those non-antm watchers =x

haha. He DATED me out afew weeks ago, and he brought a lightbulb Ryan.

Look at Ryan's sexy legs. Me and isaac were sitting down capturing his legs and face while he was oblivious to what we were doing.

Macro effect! And it blurred ryan out.

Isaac's obsession with Gucci.
Me and ryan were like "Gucci only what..............." to him the whole day. Haha.

The silver one is isaac's and mine is the pink one. Mine's nicer than him although it's bulkier.


Had Changing Appetites at Marina Square.

Soup. Yummy.

isaac's porkchop. Very nice!

My fish and chips. Calamari was yummy. Fries i forgot how it tasted like, Fish sucked. The fish was super oily and bland.

Isaac loves torturing me :(
Actually he was only feeding me and i was laughing because Ryan kept taking unglam pictures of us eating. Haha. View more unglam pics at Isaac's blog!

Our dessert :)
I only like the icecream. Gave my apple crumble to isaac.

Then we went shopping! They forced me to wear this flowery dress that looks like Funny on me.
After shopping, i had to attend a panel meeting, and they brought me there! After that they went somewhere else.
One picture!

Last night while we were doing closing, my manager randomly said "tomorrow is mother's day so we must say 'happy mothers day' to all mothers ah".

Everyone of us laughed at how random she is and one of the guys answered her (with an innocent tone) " huh.... how we know who is a mother and who isn't??"

Hee. Love my workplace :)

**Yeap, i've gotten back to work at that workplace which i had quitted afew weeks ago. Loves loves.

And lastly,
I love & miss boyfriend ^^

I popped a sweet into his mouth yesterday and demanded him to sweettalk. Wahahaha.

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