Sunday, May 4, 2008

Event at Geek Terminal:
(Sabrina says im always slow at blogging about events so this time im gonna be the first! )

It was the launch of the blogger's treat variety show that sabrina is hosting, estee's geekgoddess show, and channel65.

Other than sabrina's show, the rest are sort of gadget-ty kind of shows, so of course, the best place to launch it would be Geek Terminal. Haha.

Sabrina fetched me up.

Watched the previews of each show, and i personally think blogger's treat might be something that bloggers would be interested in. The other two shows, errrr, im not really into those techy stuff so i guess i dont understand the show =x But to those techy people, i guess it's a good one! :)

Blogger's Treat:

After that, the much awaited food was served. As usual, Peggy filled her plate with a mountain full of food. The number of onion rings on her plate was unbelievable. Nadnut and me ate like a bird. Hah.

We then talked/gossipped/crapped about everything under the moon. I dont even remember what we chatted about. Haha. We were all having fun though.

Me and nadnut! My eyelashes were bad that day, drooping and covering my eyes. Ugly.

My picture with peggy is still with her!! I think i'll be ugly in it anyway. Boohoo.

Jayden was late! He came for the food only i think. Haha.

Thanks for inviting me to events!

After the event, nadnut, jayden and me tagged along with some other bloggers for drinking at clarkequay's pump room.

(Jayden looks funny here and i dont have great photoshop skills, so i could only do this =x)

However, the minimum age that day was 21 for ladies, 24 for men. Jayden was wearing that jacket that made him look younger than he actually is! In the end, we tried our luck by still queuing for it. Jayden was asked for his age :( I forgot whether nadnut was asked or not, but i wasn't! Super happy, cos i've not even reached 18. Lol. Many people have mistaken me for being younger than i am in broad daylight, thats why i only go to clubs when im invited and in the guestlist. Haha. Wonder how paiseh-ed i would be if they asked for my ic.

Settled for coffeeclub in the end.

Get the word out!

Adrenaline's Moments In Play contest @

Basically it's a contest to get people to submit photos or videos or MMS of their sporting moments. You guys can take part in it too! =)

Prizes are all sponsored by Samsung

ALSO there is a Hunt For Field Reporters contest (again, all prizes sponsored by Samsung) @

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