Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I regret joining my diploma course :(

It's just boring repetive topics everyday. Im like interviewing people about stuffs that nobody cares while other people from other courses are doing much more interesting things like photography, skits, etc.

And now, my class is bombed with this 2week project that is so troublesome and mind-stressing. Pfffttttt. As if i dont have better things to do after school -.-

I wish my life could fast forward 2 years forward and then i dont have to attend school anymore! Just thinking about it makes me so excited.


I think i have gotten sleeping disorder!
I feel like sleeping all the time!

When i wake up, the only thing i want to do is sleep the day away. After i finally wake up and finished bathing, i walk past my bed and it would always be tempting to sleep. In the bus, i sleep. In class, i sleep. When i meet with troubles, i want to sleep the days away until the problems go away. I think im now sleeping much more than living lor!

Shit. I hope i dont die sleeping too much. Haha.

I love dating with boyfriend :)
Love being in his comfortable arms.

He's 190cm!
I didn't know that even though we have been together for more than 6 months. Haha. I love his height, because when we hug, my face would be lying on his chest and it feels like a pillow. Unlike my previous boyfriends, when i hug them my chin would be resting on their shoulders and it's so uncomfortable.

Went dating with him quite alot recently. i think 3 days in a row? :)

First day was only a meal, but still cherishable anyway. No pictures.

Second day, we went over to QQ Noodle at Bugis to have lunch. He loves that place! The pictures are in my handphone and im kinda lazy to transfer them lei. Let's just skip over this part.

Then, we went to catch the movie "OVER HER DEAD BODY".

The movie was not bad. Not a lousy movie but also not a must-watch movie. Eva is super gorgeous! I love looking at her from the screen. Her looks are so pleasing to the eye. Lake bell wasn't that pretty but her character in the movie can make anyone fall in love with her.

Catch it if you want a lighthearted, sometimes hilarious movie :)

Had dinner at Coke Red Lounge.

I used to think that the bakedrice from this place is good, but eversince i ate the jalapeno's baked rice, no other bake rice is as good. I miss that restaurant!

The ring looks so nice on his finger ^^
He loves this picture :D
I love it too. So sweet~

3rd day, we hanged out abit before a particular event.
Waited for him for 2 hours at starbucks, then i changed over to HK cafe because my butt was hurting from starbucks. haha.

(pic from )

I love this! I have cravings for it everyday eversince.
I wanted grilled chicken wings but they didn't have it :(

Skipped over to Cathay to play games.
Wanted to try Counter strike but i keep dying after 5 seconds~! I got so frustrated that i changed game.

Played miniclips and other kiddy games. hahaha. And this is the stupid test!

Had dinner at Plaza Singapura.
The bubble tea taste funny -.-
Boyfriend's beef noodle.
My dandan mian! It was delicious! the noodle was handpulled and i love the texture!

Alright, that's all for now :)

Missing boyfriend... gonna meet him later.
BB! Wish everyone of you have a happy happy day~


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