Tuesday, May 27, 2008

3 times to the doctor in one week.
7 different medicine to swallow 3/4 times a day -.-

It's a torture~~!!
I wonder how long more before this sickness would end.
Im sick for almost 2 weeks already leh :(

I miss chewing on gummy sweets and eating yummy chicken wings :(

For all the times I felt it
But somehow forgot to show,

For all the times i dreamed it
But forgot to let you know,

For all the times i thought it
But it stayed inside my head,

For all the times i meant it,
But I didn't get it said.....


For boyfriend:

Happy 7th Month to our relationship!
You're the longest relationship i ever had, and im going to work hard to maintain this love!

I miss him :(

Updated: Urgh! I keep vomiting even though i havent ate much. And when i cough, the insides of my stomach hurts like hell ! The fever is making me shiver in coldness all the time, and the dizziness is pissing me off. I feel so weak. Damn the flu and phlegm too.

I have a phobia towards tablet medicine. I remembered a couple of years ago, i was sick and all my medicines were those big tablets. Everytime i try to swallow them, they couldn't get down my throat and would break. When they break, the sharp points would poke my throat and it's super painful. I remembered crying everytime it's time for medicine. Even till now, whenever it's medicine time and i had to swallow tablets, the same phobic feeling would come to me. It's horrible to be afraid of medicine when im already 18.

Im a miserable little girl.

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