Friday, May 16, 2008

Alright people,
I need some help.

I know most of you are under 18 right?

Im now doing a school project regarding underaged smokers and why they quit, and i need at least 100 people to do the survey.
AT LEAST 100!! So please help :)

If you smoked before and eventually quitted, please reply in my comment box the following questions:

Name: (Optional, just write A2 or Yuu77 if you want. Please dont write anon because alot people will write that)
Why you started smoking:
Duration of smoking: Like 2 months or 3 years, etc.
Reason why you quit: Because of boyfriends/girlfriends? Posters? Fined? Caught by parents?Or other reasons?

And if you are willing to share more, please leave email address so that i can contact you to do a more indepth interview. Thankyou!

Your name will remain anonymous as long as you dont want to show.
If you have friends who are underaged and quitted smoking, or in the midst of quitting, do ask him/her the questions and above and submit to me!

Thanks people!

Grrrr. I regret eating the Soya Beancurd that mum bought for me last night. Now i have sorethroat.


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