Thursday, May 22, 2008

I know some of the readers who've been reading me since i just started out noticed the change in me.

I used to be a cheerful little girl who has never walked on the rough roads of life.

I no longer have that innocent, optimistic view of things around me anymore. I seem to have adopted a hard personality, building a wall between me and other people that makes me look so unapproachable and stuck up. I guess it's unavoidable when i've been constantly hurt by the harsh reality of life.

Only when i started this blog, then i realised the realistic side of people. i was so disappointed by how some people get close to you just to leverage on you. I have 'friends' who are always having a motive behind when they ask me out or talk to me. Most of the time, they just want me to promote them in my blog. I feel upset knowing that im just a tool for them to use. Alot of them just throw me away to a corner after they got what they want.

Actually, i wouldn't mind that much if they just come up to me and tell me they want to be famous. What i dislike the most is when people acts like a friend, acts so close to you, just so that they can get what they want. And when someone else that can help them get closer to their target easier comes along, they moved on to the next target and forget all about me, the old tool.

Alright, other than that,

Sometimes i think people just don't understand me...

Just because i blog, just because i write in a particular way, people tend to stereotype me to be a particular kind of person. Sometimes i feel helpless because i feel so misunderstood but yet i can't stop them from thinking that way. What's worse is when best friends think of me that way. I've distanced from many of my previous friends, because well, i dont know. Maybe they think we are in different worlds now since im hanging out more with a different kind of group? Maybe our interests changed and differ from each other now. I thought it would be friendship forever, but i guess life's like that.

Oh well.
I've learnt a new sentence recently, and im gonna keeping reminding it to myself:

If you are everything to everybody,
you are nothing to yourself.

Anyway, i found this interesting series of pictures today.
Look at the girl below, VERY PRETTY RIGHT?!!!
Who would have known 'she' was a man before the surgery.

Hee, this shows that sometimes it's better to be with uglier girls =p Kidding. Hey, looking at pretty girls photos do perk up our day doesn't it? Haha.

Sick for the past few days. he sickness just came suddenly lor! One day im fine and the next, i woke up with sorethroat. Then it led to flu and fever. Grr. Irritating.

It's the Great Singapore Sale, time for shoppingggggg~!!

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