Friday, May 9, 2008


I just heard from the radio today about a gross news. Im not sure what exactly happened but apparently two men dissected a 16 year old girl's body and while part of the meat went into the sea, one part of it was added into the market's lump of pork! It might have been fried into those crispy fried-pork-oil we eat in wantonmee, mince meat noodle... etc.

Although it happened in Hongkong, what if the meat was imported to singapore? omg omg omg. The thought of eating human meat is enough to make me puke. Im gonna avoid pork for at least a month. Gosh.

Felicia Chin. I still can't get use to her new chinese name. Haha.

Touching up makeup with Andrea at the washroom during a photoshoot breaktime :) It was such a hot weather that we were all sweating like hell ! She has been in magazines like newman and maxim, top 10 finalist of miss singapore, etc. Not a surprise, pretty right! Her personality is also very nice! Her husband is extremely lucky.

Baobao and me.

IMG_0882 copy

Eye makeup was horrible that day.

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