Monday, May 5, 2008

(This post was supposed to be up since last month -.- )

*evil laughters*

Bought an eye serum.
Original price is around $150 i think.

Will update to see if it works.
(actually im kinda lazy and after 1 month i've only used it once =x )

Agri's Birthday Party at Thumper.
Let the pictures do the talking.

Agri was late for her own party! Haha.
Boyfriend fetched me from work, had dinner together before heading over to the party and met fidelis there. Said byebye to boyfriend and after that it was FREEDOM NIGHT! Heh heh.

Camwhored while waiting for fidelis.

Bought Rose Bourbon Princesse Marina De Bourbon for agri.

We dont really know anyone there but we warmed up very quickly after afew of agri's friends, friend's friends took care and got drinks for us.

Birthday girl and boy.

The flash was terrifying and i had to squint in most of the pics.

Deciding what to drink.

Me, Dennis, Fidelis, Leon :)
Look at my squinty eyes! I dont know how leon and fidelis could open their eyes big.

Fidelis left soon after and i stayed for an hour more.

Got a ride home from someone friendly :)

Camwhored before sleeping to my hearts content.

I think Thumper's a place i like :)
Nice music, great people, cosy place.

For more night spots, visit:

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