Thursday, October 1, 2015

OOTD BOX is back! 29th September to 5th September!

Last year, I blogged about OOTD Box by Lyra Minn here and here. The response was overwhelming and it was relaunched a few months back, for a limited time only each time.

Current order period: 29th September - 5th September. 

Here's an example of what you get from an OOTD Box!

Regular price at $39 per box, but you may quote
to purchase it at special price $35!

It's really worth it because each OOTD Box contains:

Outfit* + Bag/Clutch + Accessory + Beauty Products and FREE DELIVERY

*Outfit = 1 dress or 1 set of top and bottom. Occasionally with an outerwear.

What I love most is the surprise element but for those who prefer to have some control, there is also a free customization option for color, sizing, and style! Can also specify if you don't want certain items!

- Everything in the OOTD box is specially put together to create 1 coordinate
- Unlike Grab Bags, the items are not a few random apparels, but a set of outfit that can be worn together without the need to find other items to match.
- After wearing once, can match using own items for different look!
- Super affordable for a full outfit including bag and accessory

Sneak peeks of some of the coordinates on!

Besides the OOTD Box, there is also “ala-carte” pieces! Shop away!

OOTD Box: