Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Assembly Ground

Just some photos from awhile back when my mum visited the dentist with me while bf and my sister tagged along.

Brunch was settled at The Assembly Ground at The Cathay. The cafe is actually very dark but luckily my samsung ex2f is good under low-light.

I think I will wake up more readily if I have a chef at home preparing yummy breakfast for me everyday. Haha. I also want a hairstylist to massage and wash my hair every morning. Then after work when I come home I want a masseuse to give me a nice massage! *daydreaming* Haha.

I can't say much about the other dishes because I didn't taste them, but I had the scrambled eggs smoked salmon and the toast was yummy! It's the kind of bread that is good with butter and still good without.

Went to ahdong for dinner and the noodles were such a disappointment this time.... I think they changed the type of noodles? No longer maggi mee and now there's a slight taste to it which tasted like ee mee and I don't like.


So anyway, a short personal update!

Recently, I've been feeling unhappy over afew instances of "injustice".

Maybe because I am a libra, I get very affected whenever things aren't fair. I try to tell myself to be more open hearted and let people meet their own karma, but at the same time I feel so upset at how certain people get away with doing wrong things and still receive recognition which they don't deserve, just because they are good at "acting" and claiming credits.

It got to me so much that I suddenly realize - I can't change other people, but I can change the way I look at things. If I don't let these trivial matters bother me in the first place, if I can be more magnanimous and not feel anything when such things happen, then I wouldn't be so resentful isn't it?

Easy to say but an open heart really takes time to cultivate.

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