Monday, October 19, 2015

Blue Hair for Monday Blues

It's Monday again! This weekend was quite shiok because I finally got to rest a little! The past few weeks were hectic, and even during the weekends I was out being busy! Hardly had time to sit infront of my computer for several hours a stretch, nor watch all my dramas and variety shows :(

So this weekend, I took my own sweet time, and having the time to do nothing at all felt awesome!

Watched the Martian on Saturday and I conclude that I have absolutely zero survival skills. I think I am kinda good at the logical reasoning and solving puzzles kind of stuff but when it comes to physical abilities and theory knowledge, I am totally clueless! For example, I can't swim. I can't hang myself on a simple playground monkey bar, much less any ledge or tree branch. I don't have stamina in running long distances. I am terrible at science and math beyond the usual additions/subtractions so I won't know what mix with what will have what reaction. Really quite jialat hor? I only knew that flour was dangerous after watching a Hong Kong movie last year (You see, movies not a waste of time... can learn new things!) I was more interested in social studies and the arts in school, but now that I think about it, these are quite useless subjects to learn ya? Art won't help me get out of a jungle if I am lost.... or help me survive on Mars.

But I can draw a nice map to help someone else out of a jungle I guess. Hahaha.

So anyway, I recently got my hair ends dyed blue! I told my hair stylist Wayne from Zeal Salon that I was bored of my boring brown hair and wanted some color. Since I haven't tried blue, I decided on it! Because I didn't want to look like an anime character and I needed something work-appropriate, Wayne only dyed the ends and blended them well with my brown hair.

I love the color! It turned out exactly the way I like it :)

Call 6333 0337 to book an appointment with Zeal Salon now!
241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village, 188030

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Come on down to Zeal between Monday to Friday, 11am to 4pm for a color change, and you get to choose either a free hair cut service (worth $55) OR a post color stabilizer treatment (worth $60)!

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