Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The day we spent $141 on wanton mee

On one of the recent weekends, we went to have wanton mee at Seng's Noodle Bar. Bf got his friends to come along and he very bad, only told them "wanton mee" but never say is this kind of wanton mee! Hahaha. When the bill came up to $141 for five of us, one of them commented that if we ate normal wanton mee, maybe only $14. Hahaha.

But is really different from the usual wanton mee!

Dining at this little eatery/bar located at 52 Amoy Street feels nothing like eating wanton mee in a coffeeshop. The dim lights and decor, coupled with good music, really brings the wanton mee experience up another level! The restaurant is quite small, and patrons may choose to sit at the counter seats like in a bar.

Actually, we ordered quite alot!

The signature aburi pork belly which is supposed to represent "char siew" was so good that we had two plates of it.

I did like the roasted pork but they thought it was quite average. But the portion is quite small for its price I feel!

There is free soup in a jug on each table, but the funny thing was the soup from different jugs tasted different although it's supposed to be one soup. One was bland while another was overly sweet. Maybe the inconsistency is due to different batch!

Besides the main dishes of Aburi Pork Belly and Roasted Pork, we also ordered some sides to go with our bowl of plain noodles. I almost couldn't finish mine because it was quite alot. Bf and WS had two bowls of the noodles!

Another side we ordered, the Gangster Kailan, Scallops and Mushroom. It was nothing much above its fanciful name though.... taste was unimpressive. Between fried wanton and boiled wanton, I preferred the latter. Bf and Alvin commented that the fried wanton's filling tasted like McChicken. Hahaha. True that.

I got myself the 5-minute egg, which is the usual Japanese egg in ramen. I liked it alot!

The guys had the Batalong Egg, which is $9 for ONE. Thumbs up for the presentation though. Haha.

I'd say, just go for the noodles, aburi pork belly, boiled wanton, and 5-minute egg. Yum!

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